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Sodexo Remote Sites manages more than 140 units from its North Sea headquarters in Aberdeen, Scotland - of which over 110 are offshore.


Sodexo Qualities - What we look for in an employee

Service Spirit

  • Clients and consumers are at the centre of everything we do.
  • To serve them well on a daily basis, we have to demonstrate our availability and responsiveness, to anticipate their expectations and to take pride in satisfying them.
  • Sodexo has become a global company but we remain locally-focused; our managers in the field are true entrepreneurs, close to their clients and empowered to make decisions.
Team Spirit
  • It is an absolute need in all of our operations, our business units and administrative offices, as well as in our management committees.
  • Each person's skills combine with other team members' knowledge to help ensure Sodexo's success.
  • Teamwork depends on the following: listening, transparency, respect for others, diversity, solidarity in implementing major decisions, respect for rules and mutual support, particularly in difficult times.
Spirit of Progress
  • Our will, but also the firm belief that one can always improve on the present situation.
  • Acceptance of evaluation and comparison of one's performance, with one's colleagues in the company or with one's competitors.
  • Self-assessment, because understanding one's successes as well as one's failures is fundamental to continuous improvement.
  • A balance between ambition and humility.
  • Optimism, the belief that for every problem there is a solution, an innovation or some way to progress.

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